Design your own exhaust system. From a simple and stylish single tailpipe to a classy quad exit or even a flamboyant octet! The choice is entirely yours. Also choose your own sound! A mild, mid sport or full sport sound, all for the same price, whichever you decide. We cater for the family car with a quiet hum, to the full on racer! Click the button below to listen to some sounds to help you choose.

We stock a massive range of tailpipes to cater for all types of system. If you have a special, or out of the ordinary request, which we do not stock, we can arrange for it to be with us within 2 days! Click the button below to view a selection of our tailpipes.

We are specialists in designing Stainless Steel Exhaust systems around your vehicle. Made from T304 Stainless Steel, each part is manufactured by hand on site.

We incorporate a variety of tailpipes in every shape, size or image to suit your specification. This is the most visible part of the exhaust and one of the main reasons people desire our personally crafted product.

Designing a system to meet your needs from a process of consultation and problem solving, to grafting a product from a drawing or conceptual idea and creating the life size, fully functioning exhaust. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to "make the difference" and personally guarantee every system for the life of your vehicle.

Ram Air Induction Kits

Unlike a standard induction kit, this has a direct link to the outside of the car. Therefore, cool air is drawn into the engine which provides sharper throttle response.

Open Filter Induction Kits

Stainless steel pipe work replaces all rubber hoses. This pipe work can also be extended, enabling the filter to be housed as far away from the engine compartment as possible. This reduces the intake of warm air and will maximise performance.


These are also designed and fabricated on site. Turbo-charged vehicles rely on cool air to promote maximum power. Many have intercoolers mounted on the inside of the engine bay. At Pro-Speed we can position the intercooler at the front of the car where cool air is most abundant.

Hard Pipe Work

Original OEM rubber hoses are replaced by T304 stainless steel pipework. There is no expansion or contraction and as such, avoids loss of power. Hard Pipe kits have a lifetime guarantee.

A stainless steel Manifold expels the exhaust gasses quicker and more economically than a standard cast iron one. This gives the engine a smoother rev range and increases torque.

Designing and creating a stainless steel manifold is an art that can't be rushed. It is a highly intricate job that takes time.

We will need your vehicle at the workshop for between 3 and 4 days for a standard manifold. There is sometimes a waiting list for Manifolds.

Standard 400 cpsi Cats or 200 cpsi Sports Cats can be fitted as part of a system or standalone. A standard cat has a 3 year guarantee and a Sports Cat has a lifetime guarantee.

Available on request.

We also undertake repairs to exhaust systems, manifolds, flexi pipes, intercoolers etc. Please call or e-mail us with your problem!