Charlie has over 25 years experience and hails from South Africa, where work is work and play is more work. Charlie has co-ordinated and embedded 16 outlets for rival firms since arriving in the UK in 1999. Together with his wife Tracy, they have established a thriving company here in Cardiff called Pro-Speed Exhausts, which opened in 2004.

All systems are designed, manufactured and installed by Charlie and our engineers to suit your vehicle. All guaranteed for the vehicles life and made of T304 stainless steel. A Pro-Speed Exhaust can be fitted to any type of car, minibus, van or motorbike.

We incorporate a variety of tailpipes in every shape, size or image to suit your specification. This is the most visible part of the exhaust and one of the main reasons people desire our personally crafted product.

Designing a system to meet your needs from a process of consultation and problem solving, to grafting a product from a drawing or conceptual idea and creating the life size, fully functioning exhaust. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to "make the difference".

We are a small, yet highly efficient company, paying careful attention to our work, treating your vehicle with the utmost care and respect. A welcome change from the conveyer belt approach adopted by many of our rivals.